Calorie Counting and Gymtime Logbook and Pictures, oh my!

As my tagline suggests, I’ve been counting calories for about three weeks now, and, all in all, I’ve lost about 7 lbs., so #progress! 🙂 Here’s a picture from the most mundane book ever (AKA my ‘calorie counting tome’). <LOL>

Calorie counting

On the serious note, I try to keep my daily caloric intake at around 1,500 calories. Some days, I’m over it, and some days, I’m under it (this could also be a metaphor for my life <LOL>).

As the tagline also suggests, here’s a page from my Gym (Workout)Time Logbook. I generally workout from between an hour to two hours 6 days a week. I am forever looking for the elusive times when there aren’t that many people there. Easier to get on the machines I want to work that way. No waiting for them! Alas, I’m not the only GymRat. <LOL> That being said, there are some super cool gymrats I look forward to seeing who have encouraged me from the start (almost five months ago now!). I would encourage them, but they are already in spectacular shape. I so look up to them and their accomplishments!

Speaking of the machines, I have started seeing results in the form of getting much stronger. I always envision tapping into my ‘junk DNA’ which I hope isn’t so junky to reach new goals. Here are some of the machines and the weight I can do now:

Set a new record for myself on the chest press on 5-21-17

Progress I've made on the squat machine on 5-20-17

Back Extension

Did I put you to sleep? <LOL> Strangely enough, I get into an almost meditative state on the Back Extension machine. It’s my favorite!

Finally, pictures!

I love getting dolled up for gym pictures, just me taking them this time via my iPhone 7, even though most of the time I wear no makeup and, well, you saw my questionable fashion choices before—in the previous blog. <LOL>

This time, I made good choices fashion-wise, I feel, as I loved rockin’ my new Death Wish Coffee Shades and DW bandanna, et cetera.


Rockin' my Death Wish Shades on 5-22-17
Me on 5-22-17


Me, with my DW bandanna on 5-22-17
The wet hair look is cool, right?! Even for a geeky gal?! 🙂 Me, on 5-22-17.


Me, at the gym on 5-22-17
Hair back & at the gym on 5-22-17.









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