Make Me Proud!

So, I’m not sure that the tagline is exactly my wonderful gym assessor’s catchphrase, but I feel that it should be. <LOL> There was no way after hitting a plateau last month that I wasn’t going to try to make both myself and her proud of my gains (muscle-wise) & losses (weight-wise & fat-wise) when I had my monthly assessment yesterday. Getting a thumbs up from Shae is not easy, but it feels great when you do! She’s awesome, and she always gives me new exercises to do so I don’t get bored—especially after hitting the gym about five months hard now, as I think I’ve tried every machine in there. So, Shae showed me floor (and wall <LOL>) exercises I could do for a change.

Next step, well, stepping up my workouts of course! This means that there’ll be no ladylike ‘glowing’ going on. Rather, lots more of underboob sweat (yeah, I said it! <LOL>), around the collar, back, et cetera.

As of 5-25-17:  I’d lost 10 lbs. since last month’s assessment. However, yesterday, I’d gained a pound back (Memorial Weekend Holiday, peeps, HOLIDAY vegetarian food <LOL>), so I had lost just 9 lbs. since last month’s assessment. However, I’d also lost more body fat, so that was good!


Shae One for GRG blog

Shae Two for GRG blog



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