Lost Another 1/2 Pound (Yes, Fractions Count as a Gain )! Then, Went to Vegas Where I Gained Weight-wise, but Still Worth It! #RollercoasterMonth~~~

Source: Lost Another 1/2 Pound (Yes, Fractions Count as a Gain )! Then, Went to Vegas Where I Gained Weight-wise, but Still Worth It! #RollercoasterMonth~~~


Lost Another 1/2 Pound (Yes, Fractions Count as a Gain )! Then, Went to Vegas Where I Gained Weight-wise, but Still Worth It! #RollercoasterMonth~~~

Blue Lips


Had fun staying at The Venetian where I visited the Canyon Ranch Spa for some uber cool boxer braids (pretty sure I’ve now ruined that hair trend for teenagers everywhere). <LMAO> And, possibly the zombie look by sporting my blue lips.

If you have a magnifying glass, then you may be able to make out some biceps forming here. But, I’m fairly sure only with magnification.

Look a muscles may be trying to form...you may need a magnifying glass

My own “Leaving Las Vegas” (love that movie—can’t believe it came out in 1995) pictures. Plane looked pretty beat up from my window seat (but at least there wasn’t duct tape holding it together). And, the view was truly spectacular!

From plane leaving Vegas for GRG blog

From plane leaving Vegas for GRG blog two

On a fun final note for this blog entry:  so much fun wearing my Halloween Pumpkin Socks again~~~’tis the Season~~~

Pumpkin Sock

From All Dolled up to Downright Dowdy (but I’ve Still Lost a Pound—Dressed up or Dressed Down— Since My Last Blog Entry! :)

In other news, if there’s a ‘rehab for rhymers,’ then sign me up.


Taken on June 30th
Here I am on Friday, June 30, 2017—the crown braid was fitting for Freya’s Day.


Gia for blog no makeup on 7-22-17
Me on July 22, 2017 with no makeup. I can see the weightloss in my face now.


Calypso in July 2017
Aiding in my weightloss journey (along with  walking my doggie, Dejah) is my precious foster-fail here:  Calypso! >^.^< ❤




Gym Rat Remorse, Recovery & the Realization of a Goal! (and Alliteration Addiction, but That’s a Different Story)~~~

I went to New Jersey in early June, and I didn’t go to the gym while there & my diet wasn’t its best. So, I’d gained a few pounds when I returned, much to my remorse, but I kinda figured that would happen. Sometimes it’s good to take a break, I feel. Anyway, I was soon back in the gym after returning to SC where I worked hard to first recover my previous gains and then…*big damn drum roll* I lost two more pounds (so, I’m down 2 lbs. from my pre-trip weight…Exciting!!!) Side note:  still mentally chanting my mantra:  ‘Make Shae proud!’ 🙂 I was so excited about losing those last two pounds (as they greatly aided my weight loss goal) that I ‘mumble spewed’ the news out loud to everyone within close proximity of the gym scale. Apologies! But, damn, I was so excited. It seems that losing weight is like a war where even a yard gained (or lost in this case?! <LOL>) in ‘fat enemy territory’ is a victory! The war analogy seems fitting since I also saw “Wonder Woman” since my last entry, and my bandanna was fashioned after a kind of ‘Rosie the Riveter’ look recently at the gym. I think I can see the weightloss in my face the most. Does anyone ever see the weightloss first in the generally more problematic area, the stomach? 🙂


Rosie the Riveter GRG blog post
Touch and go there for a ‘minute,’ but it turns out ‘I could do it!’ 🙂


My United Flights were great
Price was right for my United flights & I loved my window seats~~~





Make Me Proud!

So, I’m not sure that the tagline is exactly my wonderful gym assessor’s catchphrase, but I feel that it should be. <LOL> There was no way after hitting a plateau last month that I wasn’t going to try to make both myself and her proud of my gains (muscle-wise) & losses (weight-wise & fat-wise) when I had my monthly assessment yesterday. Getting a thumbs up from Shae is not easy, but it feels great when you do! She’s awesome, and she always gives me new exercises to do so I don’t get bored—especially after hitting the gym about five months hard now, as I think I’ve tried every machine in there. So, Shae showed me floor (and wall <LOL>) exercises I could do for a change.

Next step, well, stepping up my workouts of course! This means that there’ll be no ladylike ‘glowing’ going on. Rather, lots more of underboob sweat (yeah, I said it! <LOL>), around the collar, back, et cetera.

As of 5-25-17:  I’d lost 10 lbs. since last month’s assessment. However, yesterday, I’d gained a pound back (Memorial Weekend Holiday, peeps, HOLIDAY vegetarian food <LOL>), so I had lost just 9 lbs. since last month’s assessment. However, I’d also lost more body fat, so that was good!


Shae One for GRG blog

Shae Two for GRG blog


Calorie Counting and Gymtime Logbook and Pictures, oh my!

As my tagline suggests, I’ve been counting calories for about three weeks now, and, all in all, I’ve lost about 7 lbs., so #progress! 🙂 Here’s a picture from the most mundane book ever (AKA my ‘calorie counting tome’). <LOL>

Calorie counting

On the serious note, I try to keep my daily caloric intake at around 1,500 calories. Some days, I’m over it, and some days, I’m under it (this could also be a metaphor for my life <LOL>).

As the tagline also suggests, here’s a page from my Gym (Workout)Time Logbook. I generally workout from between an hour to two hours 6 days a week. I am forever looking for the elusive times when there aren’t that many people there. Easier to get on the machines I want to work that way. No waiting for them! Alas, I’m not the only GymRat. <LOL> That being said, there are some super cool gymrats I look forward to seeing who have encouraged me from the start (almost five months ago now!). I would encourage them, but they are already in spectacular shape. I so look up to them and their accomplishments!

Speaking of the machines, I have started seeing results in the form of getting much stronger. I always envision tapping into my ‘junk DNA’ which I hope isn’t so junky to reach new goals. Here are some of the machines and the weight I can do now:

Set a new record for myself on the chest press on 5-21-17

Progress I've made on the squat machine on 5-20-17

Back Extension

Did I put you to sleep? <LOL> Strangely enough, I get into an almost meditative state on the Back Extension machine. It’s my favorite!

Finally, pictures!

I love getting dolled up for gym pictures, just me taking them this time via my iPhone 7, even though most of the time I wear no makeup and, well, you saw my questionable fashion choices before—in the previous blog. <LOL>

This time, I made good choices fashion-wise, I feel, as I loved rockin’ my new Death Wish Coffee Shades and DW bandanna, et cetera.


Rockin' my Death Wish Shades on 5-22-17
Me on 5-22-17


Me, with my DW bandanna on 5-22-17
The wet hair look is cool, right?! Even for a geeky gal?! 🙂 Me, on 5-22-17.


Me, at the gym on 5-22-17
Hair back & at the gym on 5-22-17.








My Gym Rat Attire: Spans from Somewhat Stylish to Squalor-ish! :)


Aerobics pants for gym rat gia
These current-style aerobic pants fall in the somewhat stylish category. Shoes, not so much, as they’re from about two years ago, but damn, so comfortable! Exercise bike = forever stylish, I’m fairly sure, as I love to cool down on it while on social media, etc. ~~~


Black socks with cats &amp; cat hair on them are cool, right
Love these shoes. Stylish to me, and oh, so easy to slip on. Note to self:  I wouldn’t mind having a shoe horn, though. 🙂 The socks have cats and a little bit of my final accessory (AKA cat hair <LOL>) on them. That’ll never go out of style to me. >^.^< ❤


Torn pants Gym Rat Gia
You know you’re serious about fitness when your washer breaks, and this is the only clean pair of workout pants you have left to wear. LOL Shoes have probably seen better days, too. 🙂





Fun to Forgo My Trademark Look (a la Geek Girl Glasses) for a Change to Embrace My Inner Valkyrie Goth—for a Photo Shoot!

Thanks to Krisden & Bri, of ‘Pops of Melanin Photography’ for doing such a wonderful job on my hair & makeup!! You can find them on Instagram here.


First Picture
Photo Credit:  Krisden


Second Picture
Well, I had to show off my bracelets and ring. 🙂 Photo Credit:  Krisden
3rd picture
You got it:  a different filter! 🙂 Photo Credit:  Krisden


4th Picture Time to look up
Things were ‘looking up’ LOL—thankful that I hadn’t broken my new glasses (they were in my hand for safekeeping). Photo Credit:  Krisden


Fifth picture
Feigning Surprise! 🙂 Trying to harness my inner scream queen to no avail, as I was having too much fun with Bri and Krisden.